Parking outside the Chapel is free during our services, except on event days (days on which there is a match at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium).

Is today an event day?

Parking restrictions apply on event days from 8am-8pm on weekends (8am-8:30pm on weekdays).

To find out whether a particular day is an event day, look for local signs or see here or here.

Where can I park on an event day?

Alternative places to park free on event days (except at 2-4pm) are marked in green.

Recommended Roads

The recommended roads (highlighted on the above map) are:

1. Fairbourne Road (Closest): Turn onto Mount Pleasant Road from Philip Lane and follow the one-way system round to Fairbourne Road.

2. Kitchener Road (Easiest): Directly accessible from Philip Lane (3 roads from Napier Road).

Both places are within easy walking distance of the chapel.

Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN)

With Haringey's new LTN project, many local residential streets are closed to through motor traffic.

The easiest way to the chapel is by turning onto Greyhound Road from Philip Lane, taking a left at the end and then first left onto Ranelagh Road (see map below).

Please avoid other residential streets leading from Bruce Grove or the High Road.