The Bible

Even though we have a Chapel library, the 66 books we most recommend as a Church are those that comprise the Bible.

If you have never done so before, we would strongly encourage you to take some time to read the Bible for yourself.

The most appropriate place to begin would likely be the Gospels – four historical accounts, each not too long. These cover the events surrounding the birth, earthly life and ministry of Jesus – leading most importantly to (SPOILER ALERT!) His death and resurrection.

But what a wonderful use of time for someone seeking the truth to read these accounts for themselves!

Of course, you may prefer to buy a physical copy of the Bible or download the mobile app.

Otherwise, here are some PDF downloads:

The Four Gospels

Download PDF

The Gospel of Matthew

A clear account written primarily for Jewish people to show Jesus is the Messiah.

Download PDF

The Gospel of Mark

The shortest gospel more concerned with the acts of Jesus (such as healings), showcasing His power.

Download PDF

The Gospel of Luke

A sophisticated and orderly account written by a historian who was a Gentile (non-Jewish).

Download PDF

The Gospel of John

A deep and spiritually revealing account concerned greatly with the Words of Jesus (often considered a great starting place).

Download PDF

God bless you!