Children & Youth

Explore optional activities for babies, toddlers and young people.

All of these plans are subject to God's will.

0-5 years

Grace Tots

Fridays, 9:30-11:30am (during term time)

Parents can bring their little ones for a time of play (with countless toys and books), with singing, refreshments & an optional Bible story! Free entry.

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5-12 years

Friday Youth Club

Fridays, 6-7pm (during term time)

Primary aged kids can let out some steam with fun games, a short & engaging story from the Bible, crafts and activities.

Snacks & drinks provided.

Holiday Bible Club

Tuesday 3rd - Friday 6th August 2021

Once a year, we aim to run our Holiday Bible Club for 5-11's, which is definitely something to keep a note of!

An amazingly fun-filled week (Tuesday to Friday) with games, activities & crafts keeping 5-11's on their toes as they build up points & win prizes. A great opportunity to make friends and discover God's Word in an engaging, fun & relevant way.

Oh - and did I mention there's a big Balloon Launch to top it off?

FREE ENTRY - Just bring a packed lunch!

During the Sunday morning service

There are classes available for children during the main talk on a Sunday morning (one for 2-5's and another for 6-11's). Here, children have a chance to enjoy church without enduring a ten-point sermon – while parents get the chance to endure the sermon.

We have a children's talk in the morning service too so that in every way, they're included and valued!